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Tour Operators Association (TOA) is an association of tour operators to focus their common issues . It’s aim is to develop largest network of tour operators from all over the world and to stand as a common platform for marketing and branding.

Objectives of the association include but not limited to the following

  • i. Stand Together for a healthy business environment and to support each other while operating independently

  • ii. Address common issues and influence governing bodies to befit the industry .

  • iii.Share suggestions and models with governing bodies and industry partners for the development of the industry.

  • iv. where ever possible we share a common platform in marketing , learning and improvements in the business .

  • v. Participate or organize charitable or social services to popularize tourism and TOA in the general public .
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upcoming events

Tourism Summit is TOA's annual conference, attended by delegates from around the world, as well as department officials and hoteliers.

Tourism Summit 2022

SATTE is one of the largest tourism fairs in South Asia.

SATTE 2022

TOA is conducting a FAM Trip Series called 'TRAIL', which is also a study tour organized by TOA for members in collaboration with various tourism departments.

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Become a member

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What People Say?

” TOA is a best platform for travel industry to make us united .Established with nice planning and a long term vision.This will really boost Tourism Industry, Together we Rise again . Wish best of Luck in Future to TOA . Great Start ? ”

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” I've recently joined TOA and it is an amazing experience. Really intelligent and helpful board members and advisors ”

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Rishikesh Musmade Adinath Holidays

” TOA.Good platform for tour operators.Established with nice planning and a long term vision.This will really boost Tourism Industry,A good team to support all. Best Wishes for a long journey.? ”

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